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Demand For Profess
ionals With A Criminal Justice Degree Online Grows

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Back Pain

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An article providing information on what causes back pain along with crucial tips on how to avoid it.

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Back pain is one thing most likely to elicit a twinge of sympathy from the hardest of hearts. It is estimated that every person in the world will suffer from it in his/her lifetime – mild to serious, chronic or temporary. read more

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EKCS Air Cleaner Buying Tips

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As we all know breathing in clean, pure air is important for our health. So you should get a good quality air cleaner installed in your office or home. The market is flooded with hosts of air cleaning products. These products use a lot of acronyms that can leave any average user bewildered. I would like to your answer some of your questions on understanding these acronyms to assist you in purchasing the right product for your use. read more

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STCS Decorating ideas to spruce up your home

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Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home. When selecting colors for bedrooms it is important to choose colors that are conducive to sleeping.

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Decorating ideas for your home can be a very creative and personal experience. You can spruce up a room without spending a lot of money. Start by saving fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, paint chips, and clippings from home design books and magazines. read more

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Addiction: When Gambling Becomes a Problem

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This article deals with the problems associated with an gambling addiction. You can read here about the signs, causes and treatment of such problems.

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While most people enjoy casino gambling, sports betting, lottery and bingo playing for the fun and excitement it provides, others may experience gambling as an addictive and distractive habit. Statistics show that while 85 percent of the adult population in the US enjoys some type of gambling every year, between 2 and 3 percent of will develop a gambling problem and 1 percent of them are diagnosed as pathological gamblers. read more

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3 Steps To Great Abs!

Marie Borges

Myth: You need to work your abs everyday.
Truth: The best way to develop abdominal strength and tone is to work your abs to exhaustion. You need to allow your abdominal muscles to recover..this equates to 24-48 hours of rest time between workouts. Increase the intensity of your workouts gradually. If you overdo it, not only will you be excessively sore (a little soreness is a good thing, it signifies that you have worked the muscle enough for it to repair itself and become stronger in the process), but you may discourage yourself because you will need more rest time than normal and it will be harder to do your ab exercises.
Myth: The more situps you do, the better.
Truth: Doing hundreds of situps will not help you lose abdominal fat! Situps actually do little to increase strength because they focus on edurance and are inefficient; it is hard to overload the abdominal muscles doing situps. Thus, you will be wasting your time. Crunches (yes, crunches) are the best way to overload the abs and work the entire midsection, whether you do them on the floor or on a Swiss Ball (my personal favorite!). There are many variations of crunches, and each targets different parts of the abdominal muscles. While doing crunches, it is imperative that you focus on proper technique and gradually increasing resistance. Using this method, you can fatigue your abdominal muscles using fewer reps.
Myth: Situps are the key to getting “cut” ab muscles.
Truth: If you have layers of abdominal fat covering your abs, situps, or any other exercise, for that matter, won’t do you much good. For a strong, cut midsection, keep in mind these tips:
1. Train your abs with resistance. If you are a beginner, try crunches without resistance first. As you get stronger, then move to more challenging moves or crunches using a Swiss Ball.
2. You need consistent cardiovascular exercise (helps to burn fat faster, performed at 80% of your maximum heart rate).
3. Cut the fat in your diet to shed body fat and create definition. This is the only way your abs will show through! Remember, great abs are made in the kitchen!
ZZZZZZ read more

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QDD Beautify With Awnings and Save Money on Your Energy Bills

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Awnings add charm and beauty to almost any architectural landscape as they easily dress up homes and businesses. In addition to their good looks and complimentary styles, awnings block out damaging sun rays while admitting daylight. Awnings also help your air conditioning system from working as hard or as often. This should lower your cooling costs by as much as 25% or more.

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Awnings add charm and beauty to almost any architectural landscape that they are a part of. In addition to their good looks and complimentary styles, awnings block out damaging sun rays while admitting daylight inside. Awnings also offer some tremendous energy efficient advantages that you may not have realized. read more

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Cancer Awareness: The Facts About Pain Management

Andrea Kenningsworth
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Managing Pain in Cancer Patients
Besides the usual fears, the announcement that you or a loved one has cancer creates a frightening and complex situation concerning the pain the patient will suffer during treatment. No one wants to suffer unduly, so this pain has to be properly managed. The new field of pain management becomes a very important part of the treatment of a cancer patient. There are now medical specialists who determine the most effective management in each case, and there are many different approaches to pain management today, so each plan is individualized.
It is now considered a misconception that having cancer automatically means a great deal of pain in the treatment. With today’s pain management techniques, this has become a complete fallacy. Before, people frequently felt they just had to learn to deal with the pain, now no one needs to adjust to pain any longer. Once a patient is open and communicative about his pain, the team can find relief for the patient. The patient needs to let the experts decide which steps to take to alleviate the pain.
Normally, your doctor will be very sensitive to your pain and discomfort. However, if you feel your doctor does not seem to have a solution to the pain you or your loved one is experiencing, it is important to meet with someone who specializes in the area of pain management. These often include the oncologist , the cancer treatment specialist, who is a member of a pain management team. Some other medical specialists who work in this area are neurologists and anesthesiologists. A neurologist deals with the entire nervous system, the area of the body that signals pain, and an anesthesiologist has the expertise to deal with pain management during surgery.
It’s important to recognize that pain management is part of the overall process for treating cancer patients. This isn’t a luxury, or something that’s introduced only when the pain becomes completely intolerable. A good doctor will want to be informed about any pain or discomfort, from the moment that it’s experienced. As time goes on, medications and/or other pain management approaches may need to be changed, so it’s critical that you keep the lines of communication open in order to receive the relief that you need.
Once a pain management technique has been identified, the patient should follow it closely. The patient should not try to “tough it out” by holding out and lengthening times between doses. The doctor or pain management team has prescribed what they believe to be the appropriate course of treatment for relief, so postponing doses will throw off this program. In many cases, this so called bravery only forces people to increase the dosage to compensate for the greater level of pain. Let the members of your medical team decide the proper dosage to control pain from the very beginning. Gradually increasing or decreasing treatment is the concept behind pain management.
If your concern is that you’ll become addicted or immune to the pain medication, or that the side effects will cause you to change your behavior and lose control of yourself, speak with your doctor. This isn’t the case, and those who work closely with your pain management know exactly what’s necessary without risking other areas of your health.
For more information about pain management, contact the American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute. Medical professionals are always on hand to assist you with questions and concerns about all facets of the disease, including the management of pain. read more

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Cancer and Diet

Marilyn Bennett
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The issue of cancer and diet is paramount to your health. Without feeding the body the ingredients it needs, it simply cannot produce the processes that combat the cancer.
Firstly, when looking at nutrition for cancer, we need to understand the role of pancreatic enzymes. These enzymes, including trypsin & chymotrypsin, play a major role in halting the formation of tumours. Unfortunately these enzymes also play a part in digesting animal proteins, so if our diets are too high in animal protein, then our supply of pancreatic enzymes is tied up in digestion and not available for halting tumours.
Secondly, we need to understand the role of B17 (hydrocyanic acid) in our diets and specifically its interaction with cancer. B17 interacts with the very large amounts of beta-glucosidase in cancer cells to produce hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. These two poisons combine into an extremely deadly poison that targets cancer cells. The reason that it doesn’t target healthy cells is that although they have small quantities of beta-glucosidase, they also contain rodonase, a substance that cancer cells do not have, that breaks the poison down into compounds that actually assist the bodies immune system! Clever, hey!?
So we start to see the crucial relationship between cancer and diet!
At this point it is interesting to note that one of the most concentrated sources of natural B17 is apricot kernels – that is the kernel INSIDE the apricot seed itself. However it is our understanding that the sale of apricot kernels is illegal in some countries, including ours. Consequently if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a large supply, it will be by word of mouth connections. However if you are prepared to ask friends to eat a lot of apricots or go on a mission to make frozen or bottled apricots, or maybe apricot jam, there is no law to our knowledge that says you can’t eat them. The recommended dosage for people with cancer is up to 60 a day, but starting with 2 per meal and adding one per meal daily to ensure there is no intolerance.
Side note: Apparently the bureaucratic argument for making sale of them illegal is that they will poison you as they are a cyanide compound, (hydrocyanic acid) and produce another cyanide, (hydrogen cyanide) but they fail to follow through and tell us that the hydrogen cyanide then combines with the rodonase to make compounds that actually boost the immune system. Following this logic I have to wonder why then that Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin!) has not been banned. You may be aware they feed B12 to anemia patients!
So, we can address a diet for cancer from specific angles. Firstly by adding whatever natural sources we can find that contain B17, secondly by reducing (not cutting out!) animal protein intake, and thirdly by adding nutrients to our diets in their most easily & effectively absorbed forms ie in foods.
The bottom line is our body is at our mercy and what we put in to it can either help or hinder its ability to help us. The beauty of becoming aware of the interaction of cancer and diet is that it is something we can do for ourselves, thereby empowering us in the fight against this horrid invader! read more

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3 Simple Steps To A More Restful Sleep Tonight

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Picture this: It’s 5:27 PM. You’re hungry after a busy day at work, itching to get home to see your family, and now you’re stuck in traffic. Frustration sets in. But you’re used to it since this is an every day occurrence.

So you finally stroll into your house at 6:04 PM, your 2 young children are clamoring for your attention, and they’re hungry too. You pop some frozen dinners in the microwave knowing full well they’re not healthy, but also knowing that you just don’t hav… read more

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